Human Products

  1. MAT LI-ION Technology Power Tool
  2. Cordless Drill (Battery)
    and Air Drill System
  3. Oscillating Saw Blades
  4. Emergency Screw Removal
  5. emergency nail removal
  6. Nitinol Reaming System
  7. flexible intramedullary reamer systems
  8. intramedullary hand reamer
  9. non-cannulated reamers
  10. Hand and foot surgery
  11. foot surgery
  12. Foot spreader
  13. mini fragment instruments & stainless steel implants
  14. small fragment instruments & stainless steel implants
  15. large fragment instruments & stainless steel implants
  16. titanium fusion
    locking plate system
  17. 7.0 mm cannulated screw system steel and titanium
  18. steel DHSP / DCSP dynamic Hip- and condylar screw plate system
  19. titanium implant systems for cranio-maxillo-facial osteosynthesis
  20. mat modular tinfix system
  21. external fixator system
  22. Perfect Spine
  23. Clean Concept-Laminectomy Punches and rongeuers detachable
  24. laminectomy-Rongeurs & intervertebral-Rongeurs
  25. Arthro MAXX
  26. Stotz femoral shaft Revision Centralizer
  27. Hip Surgery cement Extraction
  28. Chuck & Handles
  29. MAT Lock Tibial- and Femoral nail system
  30. MAT Lock II Unreamed Titanium Tibial & Femoral Nail system
  31. Y-mat - Lock Trochanteric
    nail system solution
  32. Mat Lock humeral, Anterograde and retrograde nail system
  33. surgical instruments
  34. sterile container

Veterinary Products



For the fixation of intra-articular fractures the new HBS system offers a choice of Standard or High Compression Screws.

Being cannulated, the screws can be inserted over a 1 mm Guide Wire, thus eliminating the need to use a Jig, and allowing for percutaneous insertion. The self-tapping screw requires only a single cannulated drill, and the T-Drive system ensures complete control. Since the screws are both inert and non-protrusive, they do not have to be removed, making them the ideal implant for use within or adjacent to a joint.








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